Edge of the World
in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is surrounded from the west by a long chain of sharp cliffs that stretches for a whopping 800 kilometers from south to east.

These cliffs, the local Grand Canyon, in Saudi Arabia are called the Edge of the World.

It is interesting that many countries have their own “edges of the Earth,” “navels of the world,” and other typical names. And so the Arabs found such a place near Riyadh.

The beauty, of course, is intimidating. Since the cliffs stretch for many kilometers, it was necessary to carve a road right through them. To prevent everything from falling onto the highway, they created recesses and polished the openings.

Later, the Saudis came for a picnic and crapped up everything.

This place formed during the Jurassic period, 170 million years ago. In geology, such a steep height drop is called an escarpment. Escarpments are formed as a result of the erosion of rock formations by water streams and wind or due to the movement of Earth’s crust layers against each other.

The Edge of the World is as sharp as a Catholic cathedral. It consists entirely of sedimentary rocks, making it very challenging to walk on.

Sparse vegetation.

Martian landscapes.

At the Edge of the World, it is difficult not only to walk but also to drive. It is advisable to have a 4×4 vehicle.

Here, this journey to Saudi Arabia is coming to an end. This country is one of the most mysterious places on the planet. It is extremely difficult to get here, and once you’re here, traveling is not easy.

The Arabian Peninsula is barely explored by tourists. Who knows how many more stunningly beautiful places these deserts hide?

The ancient Madain Saleh, the green oases of Abha and Jizan, the radiant Medina, and the sacred city of Mecca. The tourist potential of Saudi Arabia is enormous.

It only remains to overcome its closed nature and shed — or at least partially unveil — the captivating vail of Arabia.