Tangier is the city from which the word “tangerine” originated in English

During the time of the Protectorate, Tangier belonged to Spanish Morocco but was later declared an international zone. The city itself is quite ancient. It was founded by Carthaginian settlers in the -5th century.

Tangier is practically a resort. The views of the Strait of Gibraltar are beautiful. Somewhere on the other side lies Spain, but it’s not visible in the photographs. Only through binoculars.

Tangier is one of the most European cities. If Casablanca exudes a Parisian vibe, then Tangier reminds of Madrid.

A typical street in Tangier doesn’t give away any hint of Africa. The architecture, people, and sidewalks all closely resemble Europe.

The remnants of colonial architecture truly resemble authentic Spanish-Mexican houses. Furthermore, the Spanish influences are noticeably complemented by Moorish ornamentation.

Tangier is probably the cleanest city in the country after Rabat.

Only the square minarets and Arabic inscriptions remind one of Morocco. Although both minarets and the Arabic language are becoming more prevalent in Europe than in Africa.

In all other aspects, it is an impeccably European city. Modest skyscrapers, glass business centers, and good automobiles.

Berber Technopark.

Central Square.

Typical residential street.

Of course, like in any city in Morocco, Tangier has its own medina. It is modest, cozy, and clean.

Getting lost in the medina of Tangier is very difficult. The main thing to remember is one rule: wherever you go downhill, that leads you towards the sea, and uphill takes you away from it. That’s the entire navigation.

Behind the medina, the port begins. By the way, cannons are placed throughout Tangier. The gun barrels are already filled with trash and cigarette butts, while the cannons themselves have rusted. Not the best decoration.

However, the waterfront of Tangier is a beautiful place, unlike Casablanca. Here, the best architecture has been preserved.

Along the waterfront, they are constructing both expensive modern buildings and new promenade streets.

Somewhere in this area, a group of three Africans approached us and persistently begged for money. If I had been alone, I would have confronted them aggressively. There were three of us, and that was the only thing that prevented them from becoming aggressive.

After all, it is Africa, no matter how you try to paint a beautiful picture.

Not far from Tangier are the Caves of Hercules. It is an ancient cave named after Hercules. When Hercules performed his feat and also cleared the Strait of Gibraltar, he stopped to rest in this cave.

The cave itself is not particularly interesting, and there is no point in coming here from Tangier unless you have never seen caves before.

Many thousands of years ago, ancient people from the Neolithic period used to take shelter in the cave. Later, a brothel was opened in the cave, and the band Def Leppard performed there.

They are an okay band. They say they influenced Guns N’ Roses, but I personally prefer the creativity of Axl Rose.

Well, what was I talking about? Until next time in Africa.