Palestine. The Dead Sea

It is beautiful in Palestine.

And it is dirty. Piles of plastic bottles and bags are lying by the roadside.

The roads wind through the mountains.

When you’re driving, your ears get blocked due to the sharp changes in altitude.

The Dead Sea is one of the most popular resorts.

To swim in it, you must definitely go to a paid beach. Swimming freely can lead to hospitalization due to severe skin irritation, as there won’t be a nearby shower.

The Dead Sea stings the buttocks.

It contains so much salt that any scratches, wounds, or shaved areas instantly start to burn. If water gets into the eyes or mouth, it can be a serious issue and require immediate medical attention.

Despite being able to float without using hands in the Dead Sea, drowning here is surprisingly easy. It’s impossible to sink to the bottom, but when attempting to swim, the legs are pushed forcefully upward, causing a person to flip over into the water and struggle to turn back.

Therefore, in the Dead Sea, people only float by lying on their backs. Or they just wade in up to their knees and smear with shit.

The enjoyment is questionable. The oily emulsion instead of water and mud smearing — it’s a matter of personal preference, and there’s not much else to do here. Perhaps except for catching a glimpse of Jordan, which shimmers on the other side.