The best city in Switzerland and one of the best cities in the world.

In the center of Geneva, there is a lake called Geneva. There is a huge fountain on the lake. It is clear right away that the city is very affluent. In the past, fountains were present at every house of culture, but now few cities can afford such luxury.

The fountain is a symbol of Geneva. It can be seen from many places in the city.

The lake itself is the second largest in Europe. Expensive villas and castles line its shores. You can reach other cities in Switzerland, primarily Lausanne and Montreux, by navigating the lake. Tourist boats are styled to resemble 19th-century steamships. The captain lacks an eyepatch.

There is a dock for ships and a city beach on the lakeshore. People relax there, enjoying the laid-back atmosphere.

If someone told me that the water in Lake Geneva is crystal clear, I would have brushed it off as a cliché. But I swear to Allah, the water in Geneva is unbelievably clean to the point where you can see the bottom!

It’s not surprising that swans are swimming in the lake.

Surprisingly, there are few historical sites in Geneva. Typically, the focus is on showcasing technological advancements, such as the fountain, or something related to contemporary politics, like the UN headquarters.

The building of this organization, perpetually engaged in maintaining peace and friendship, is surrounded by a fence.

Opposite the United Nations building stands the most famous monument in Geneva — a huge wooden chair with a decayed leg. It could symbolize the state of affairs within the UN itself, but for some reason, it is dedicated to the prohibition of cluster bombs. I still don’t understand the connection. Did a bomb blast cause the chair to lose its leg?

A more comprehensible monument is a gun tied in a knot, calling for a rejection of violence.

Geneva is wealthy.

One night in the cheapest hotel costs $90. A room in a good hotel will cost at least a few hundred dollars.

The most expensive houses in Geneva are located along the waterfront.

The city is adorned with expensive brands. It feels like the Swiss only dress in Prada, wear Cartier, and ride Peugeot bicycles.

The architecture is diverse and varied.

Perfect lines. The houses look like they came straight out of a blueprint.

The tram turned out to be quite ordinary. I’ve seen fancier ones.

But it travels through the most beautiful places.

Cleanliness is not only in the lake but throughout Geneva. The whole city is immaculately clean. One would want to kiss the sidewalks.

The streets are polished to perfection, not a speck of dust can be found.

In Geneva, there is a compact old town, at the center of which stands St. Peter’s Cathedral.

Amazing spire.

Beauty surrounds it. Purebred Europe.

A blend of Italy and Germany.


Can play with light and shadow endlessly.



Geneva is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

The residential areas of Geneva resemble a luxury village.

Most commonly, people live in five-story buildings.

There are several high-rise buildings, all very clean and well-maintained.

Awnings on every balcony.

Public laundromat. Yes, there are also less fortunate people in Geneva who cannot afford a washing machine.

Elementary school.

Children’s playground.

An incredibly green city. Right in front of the local high-rise buildings, an entire forest can grow.

The city houses the super cool avant-garde district of Le-Grot.

Here, it’s as if Geneva lets loose a little and becomes somewhat reminiscent of laid-back Madrid.

Oh, how devilishly good it is in Geneva.

An incredibly beautiful, modern, clean, and peaceful city.

The city where live wonderful people.

Large Hadron Collider

On the outskirts of Geneva is the Large Hadron Collider. The very same one. But the sphere has no connection to it, it’s simply an exhibition center.

You can visit the LHC with a free tour. They don’t show anything particularly interesting. Inside the building, designed in the style of the USSR from the 1960s, they explain the structure of the collider and there is a non-functional counter displaying the discovered Higgs bosons.

Thanks to zoom, I captured the nuclear physicist’s desktop.

Stop the Russian hacker!