Zurich is the most expensive city in Switzerland. If in Geneva I rented a modest room for 100 euros, then a night in the cheapest hotel in Zurich with a shared bathroom cost me 113 euros.

Is it worth living in Zurich with such high housing prices? Well, it’s clean here.

But with such taxes, one would replace the water in the local river with Evian.

In Zurich, signs indicate the number of pedestrian crossings. Under the pedestrian symbol, the caption says “2x” — this means that there are two zebra crossings in a row.

Like most major cities in Switzerland, Zurich is located on the shore of a lake.

From any place in the city, you can see the spire of the old Catholic church.

This is part of the old abbey, which was founded in 853. In simple terms, it can be said that Zurich grew around this place.

Exemplary Europe.

Zurich is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

There are many old graffiti on the buildings in Lucerne, but you can find them here too.

Houses on one of the central squares:

View from the street to the clock tower:

The church peeks through the rooftops.

The city has many incredibly cozy hidden corners.

Immaculate cleanliness.

The facades of the houses make you want to kiss them with your eyes.

And living in Zurich makes you want to live right on the street.

Just look at these landscapes!

Absolutely enchanting, a most beautiful city.

This lantern, covered from top to bottom with ivy, should be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Beautiful people live in Zurich. Look at how they dress and how they look. You want to hug every passerby.

An interesting detail: an old horse bumper. In order to prevent the carriage from hitting the corner when turning, such stones were placed in the past to allow the horse to turn with extra space.

Crystal-clear water in the lake and swans, just like in any Swiss city.

There is only one reason why I wouldn’t want to live in Zurich.

The thing is, if I lived here...

I would regret every day that I wasn’t born here.