Lucerne is a beautiful Swiss city that starts with an absolutely magnificent train station.

Like in Bern, Lucerne also has three-section traffic lights for pedestrians. Against the backdrop stands a mushroom-like structure called Kapellbrücke. It is an ancient bridge with a water tower.

The water tower resembles a morel mushroom.

Kapellbrücke is the most picturesque place in Lucerne and the city’s postcard landmark.

Well, nice, nice.

The promenade of the Reuss River, through which this bridge passes, is the most picturesque place in Lucerne. A quintessential Switzerland.

Right there is also a super cool 17th-century Baroque-style church.

In the courtyards of the streets branching off from the promenade, one can find authentic architecture.

Just look at this beauty!

The facades are adorned with entire paintings.

The Europe we have lost.

A little further from the center is the fortress wall of the old town. It seems like such walls should exist throughout Switzerland, but in reality, it is quite a unique thing: most of these fortifications were destroyed, while in Lucerne, they decided to preserve it as a historical monument. They say it is the longest fortress wall in Europe. It was built before the 1400s.

The wall itself holds no particular interest, but from here, there is an excellent view of the city.

Our favorite morel mushroom can also be seen.

Mount Pilatus is visible beyond the city. It is part of the Swiss Alps. According to legend, Pontius Pilate was buried on the mountain, which is, of course, untrue. However, there is a cable car and the steepest cogwheel railway in the world leading up to the mountain.

Lake Lucerne is visible on the other side.

Closer to the lake’s promenade, stands another cool church with two spires — also a symbol of the city.

The promenade is beautiful.

Private boats.

A vintage ship Wilhelm Tell.

It seems that the most expensive houses in Lucerne are situated by the promenade.

It’s almost like a private sector. The houses have an average of 3-4 floors, probably one floor per family. Each house comes with parking and an apple orchard.

It’s almost like a village, yet when you step out, you find yourself in the center of a European city.

So good in Lucerne!