Novi Sad

The Serbian city of Novi Sad plays hard and declares itself the cultural capital of Europe.

Well, let’s check this out.

Indeed, Novi Sad has everything when it comes to culture. The city itself is intricately designed, as if an artist painted a picture. All painting techniques can be found on the streets of Novi Sad.








Openness to the world:

Novi Sad is not just a city in Serbia. It is the capital of the autonomous province of Vojvodina. In the past, its name was even more amusing: Banat, Bačka, and Baranja.

This part of Serbia was part of Austria-Hungary for a long time. Even today, Hungarians make up 13% of the population in Vojvodina. In many ways, Vojvodina is similar to Kosovo in terms of its meaning: it is the second special autonomous region of Serbia with its own official languages, local government, and budget.

The ethnic question in Vojvodina was not as acute, which is why Vojvodina remained part of Serbia. And thank god for that because I burst out laughing every time I imagine a passport entitled Republic of Vojvodina.

However, Novi Sad did get a hit from NATO: during the bombings, the city’s bridge was destroyed.

I don’t know why Novi Sad decided to call itself the cultural capital of Europe.

The city is incredibly poor, in terrible havoc.

Even the historical center is falling apart.

Just like in Belgrade, all the walls are covered with slogans of nationalists.

Meanwhile, the city clearly has a history, as well as impressive architecture.

They have only renovated one historical street in the center of Novi Sad, and it looks quite good.

It resembles a provincial Russian city. Something like Nizhny Novgorod.

In a rare alley you can discover true beauty.

But it’s simply scary to look into most of the archways.

Not everyone can appreciate the beauty in the charming signs and unusual drawings.

But everyone can see the peeling plaster from the walls, broken sidewalks, smelly garbage bins, and trampled grass.

That was the city center, but what about outside the center?

Outside the center, it’s absolute fierce.

No, you think about it. Republic of Vojvodina. Maybe they have a show like “Vojvodina’s Got Talent”?

You were with Novi Sad, the cultural capital of Europe.