Designers from hell

What to do with a designer who’s denying to put snowflakes and a cat on the website.

Prize under cap

A story on how the most primitive Coca-Cola campaign failed.

Specification vs. Brief

Brief is a short list of question, and the Spec is a strict document.

Brains and hands

A story about two types of the designers different, and how to work with them.

Russian web design

A review of Russian web design since 19 century to nowadays.

Blood-sucker tasks

How to determine such tasks, the solving of which itself destructs the project.

Shortly about British symbolics

A short story about British flag. How the most famous identity has been created.

Telepresence robot interface

A research of the interfaces of the robots and the process of creating the best one.

Interface inertia

A research of delaying factors in comprehensive interfaces.

Fitts’s law

A research of the most known law of users interfaces.

Paragraphs story

A short historical review of the paragraphs.




Long time ago I opened my own design studio and worked there for 10 years. I called it Love Media. Most of studio's works were designed by me myself, and in total I have put about 150 projects in the portfolio. These are websites, applications, logos, and fonts.

The studio is now closed.

Case studies

Long stories revealing the design process of favorite projects