Vitebsk is a lovely small city in Belarus. Peace and tranquility.

Vitebsk exists in the Soviet Union.

In the city center stands the monument to Chuchhe.

Senseless and merciless concrete ornamentation.

But nearby, there is a military vehicle park where you can just easily climb and explore.

Perhaps the happiest childhood is when there is a real tank and helicopter in the courtyard.

Modest historical center.

The domes in the local temple are adorned in a special way, which makes them glow along the outline at sunset.

High-rise buildings across the river.

Budget-friendly waterfront.

The house numbers throughout Vitebsk are as large as in Minsk, but they are also illuminated at night.

The sun was setting. Some disheveled man begged for the remaining change for a train to Brest. Near the waterfront, several young people in old-fashioned attire were dancing to Elvis Presley. Across from the Karl Marx monument, a sign reading “Small Business Development Center” was lit up. There was a coolness in the air, and a feeling of tranquility in the heart. The man ran past the church, crossing himself, kneeling, rising, and hurriedly continued towards the train station.

Vitebsk was beautiful. There was absolutely nowhere to rush and no need to hurry.