Berlin in August 2008

Upon entering Germany, an endless series of roadside social advertisements, wheat fields, and wind electric motors begins.

The main attraction of Berlin is a person photographing the location where the Berlin Wall used to stand. The equivalent of the idea of selling snow in Russia here is the sale of fragments of this very wall.

Germans are workaholics and care about the cleanliness of their country. They succeed in this until Russian tourists appear in it.

Berliners have a love for graffiti: smoothly spreading from the Wall, the drawings settled wherever they could.

One of Berlin’s sister cities, in addition to Moscow, is Los Angeles, which is proudly reminded over a distance by a column with a sign in the central square.

There are a large number of bicycle lanes here, but they do not reach the monstrous level of Amsterdam.

None of the hotels I had the opportunity to visit had Wi-Fi. Strange.