Windsor is a small town to the southwest of London, known for Windsor Castle and the Windsor font used in Woody Allen’s films. However, the font has no connection to the town and castle. Approximately 30,000 people live in the town.

The castle stands right in the middle of the old town.

Successfully blends with modernity.


It is prohibited to film inside, and there is nothing interesting there anyway: the castle is like any other castle — a bunch of gold and velvet, everything is extravagant and meaningless.

The streets of the city.

In Windsor, Her Majesty’s mailbox looks even more authentic.

The red telephone booth neighbors an ancient fountain.

Crown-shaped lanterns hang between the houses, like in The Hague, only more lavish and colorful.

Street sign.

Fire hydrant indicator.

Street name sign.


Stonehenge is not just a pile of stones in a field. You can’t come here by car, set up a tent right inside the circle, and witness the sunrise at the intersection of shadows. The monument is heavily fenced off, entrance is paid, and approaching the stones is prohibited. They say these measures were introduced after people climbing on the stones became a threat to the monument. Naturally, it was not feasible to have regular security guards monitoring trespassers, so they had to dig everything up, enclose it with a fence, and introduce tickets for visiting the four-thousand-year-old monument.

The entrance is a whole journey. Along the way, there are food tents and shops with souvenirs.

Then you need to walk through the underground passage.

After that, you can go around the stones on a special pathway.


The Heel Stone. It stands apart from the rest.